Online Quran Learning Fees

Our Online Quran Classes Are Starting From 5$ Per Hour And Are Flexible For Time So It Can Fit In Your Busy Schedule Effortlessly!

Monthly Fee Structure For Online Quran Classes

On Sale 40% OFF

3 Days a Week

$ 25-35 Monthly
  • 30 Minutes Daily
  • 3 Lessons Per Week
40% off

5 Days a Week

$ 40-50 Monthly
  • 30 Minutes Daily
  • 5 Lessons Per Week
40% off

2 Days a Week

$ 20-25 Monthly
  • Sat & Sunday
  • 2 Lessons Per Week
40% off

You can try 3 sessions for free before you make a booking!

Join us today for our three-day, no-cost Quran class to discuss questions and learn more about our teaching methods and methods to create the most unique learning experience!

How Do We Teach Online Quran Class?

Watch our demo Class video now to understand how we teach online classes.