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The Best Online Quran Academy in UK, USA

AL-Hamd Islamic Centre is an online platform that offers different live classes to assist you to learn Quran onlineTajweed Rules as well as Memorizing the Quran in the comfort and convenience from the comfort of your own home.

From the fundamentals in The Quran as well as Islam to their comprehensive understanding we will cover everything. The Quranic and Islamic understanding acquired from us will bring rewards and benefits to both sides. 

It is never too young or too old to learn Quran online. 

Why Join Al-Hamd Official?

AlhamdOfficial Online Quran classes are preferred by many Muslim parents, particularly those across countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia due to our highly skilled Quran instructors. Additionally, we have Online Quran teachers from Pakistan who are able to instruct the children in English as well as Urdu. All of our teachers are fluent in English. We also have highly trained and skilled women Quran teachers for children and sisters.

Our teachers have completed their studies in Arabic as well as the Quran in the course at Al-Azhar University. They have a long time of teaching experience, especially in Online Quran classes. Their degrees and certificates are highly valuable and that is the reason we consider them to be a valuable resource. Our staff will utilize their enthusiasm and experience to assist students in getting to know the Quran, interpreting the message of Allah, and gaining lessons from it that they can apply to your daily sessions. We ensure that our students are learning, and growing throughout the lessons by conducting exercises as well as repeated tests.

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