Basic Islamic Education Online For Kids

Basic Islamic Education and Duas is an online course for kids by AlhamdOfficial for their positive growth

Islamic Education For Kids

The fundamental knowledge of Islam and imparting it to our children is important for us. In the modern world of technology, the process of learning Islamic principles has become easy, yet simultaneously extremely complicated. Everything is accessible via the internet, and we read and search, but not everything that’s accessible on the internet is authentic and reliable. So, it is important to be cautious regarding where you and your children are studying Islamic principles. What are, and who they are teaching is crucial.

Nowadays, most kids don’t know the full extent of Islamic principles, so it is crucial to equip them with an understanding of Islamic principles so that they are able to incorporate them into their lives to lead more fulfilling life. It is crucial to convey the truth of Islam to our children as well as the world at large.

AlhamdOfficial is offering a Basic Islamic Education and Dua’s course which will cover basic Islamic knowledge for kids and for their bright future!

Islamic Dua's For Kids

This course is the ideal option to learn the Dua’a for children. They will learn the most important and common Duas (supplications) that are required for a Muslim should be aware of and regularly say, as well as know the correct method for making a dua (supplication). In addition, during our online Dua classes for kids, you will be taught the significance of Duaa as well as the meaning of Dua’s scriptures, how to supplicate, the proper manner of Dua’a and the specific Duaas that are recited on Islamic occasions, such as Eid or during fasting.

With”Dua,” a “Dua” course for kids either you or your kids will understand the meanings of the purpose of the supplications performed prior to going out or entering the house prior to entering and leaving the bathroom or washroom, prior to eating or drinking something and so on.

Kids Learning to Read Quran