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How to Learn Reading Quran Faster in 2023? 5 Quick Tips!

“How to learn Quran Faster” is the most common question among Muslims. And learning Quran can be confusing if you don’t know how to recite the Quran in Arabic. Well, this article is here for you with the most effective 5 easy-to-implement tips to learn to read Quran faster!

Learn How To Read Quran Faster!

Or, if you’re a recently converted Muslim or the parent of an infant that needs to recite the Quran quickly and simply you’ve arrived at the right place. Following are the 5 easy tips to learn to read Quran faster!

Focus and Be Attentive

It all starts in your head, the more attentive you will be the faster you will learn to recite the Quran. Before you begin classes Quran Classes Online make sure to clear your mind of all stress or thoughts that are not yours to think about and put all your attention on your objective (learning about the Quran).

Start with Noorani Qaida

The Quran is in Arabic. If you’re new to the language or haven’t mastered it, you might want to consider using the Noorani Qaida, which is a guidebook for kids who want to learn the Quran. It has Quran passages that will help children learn to pronounce words and letters of the Arabic alphabet. Learning to pronounce Arabic words and letters correctly can help you to read accurately and read the Quran.

Practice Pronunciation on a daily basis

If your aim is to start reading the Quran quickly, you should make a point of reading and especially practicing pronunciation regularly. A daily schedule is a great method of keeping track of the progress you’ve made. A Quran planner can help you achieve your goals in a realistic manner and will tell you the progress you’re accomplishing. Take the time to read it each day or it is better to do it several times per day. The more time you spend in the holy text and the faster you’ll be able to learn Arabic and the message that the Quran has to offer.

Learn Quran from a Professional Tajweed Teacher and focus on Tajweed

It can be difficult to understand the Quran on your own, but a knowledgeable instructor could make it simpler. Consider working with a Quran Tajweed instructor in a one-on-one Quran class to receive individualized instruction and motivation. You can learn Quran online in 1-on-1 class by enrolling in our Learn Quran Online With Tajweed  course.